TDE Compression

Litespeed Enterprise
SQL Server 2017 CU31 (14.0.3460.9)


We've been implementing TDE in non-production servers and so far have no been able to get the same high compression levels with with non TDE databases. .

The documentation for Litespeed 8.9.8, says the recommended compression level is 1 when backup databases that are using TDE.

Following documentations recommended compression level of 1, We are seeing less than 1 % compression instead of more than 70% compression without TDE.

Is this expected with Litespeed, or are there other ways of using Litespeed settings to get compression levels of greater than 70% with TDE?

  • Hello Brian, 

    It is not recommended to use compression while having TDE enabled for database backups as the limitations of the technology from SQL Server does not allow much to be compressed. This is why we suggest using either compression 1 or 2. But if you use other values greater than 2, the result will not be different from the ones while using level 1 or 2. 

    This is expected from LiteSpeed. 

    Hope this helps.