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How can I delete a storagepoint record for an endpoint that no longer exists?

 I'm trying to do a recall and unused blob cleanup and get the following errors:

Cannot find specified EndPointId: (Source: Profile.ProviderRetrieveBinary)


Recall Item Failed For Doc Version in SiteId = with ItemId = UIVersion: 512. Error was: Cannot find specified EndPointId

  • OK, so it turns out I was able to find the file within SharePoint. It still existed and I could still reach it. There was just a bogus record somewhere in an unreachable or at least not-easy-to-find place in the StoragePoint content database or somewhere in the config database. I never found it. Regardless, I downloaded the file in question and then deleted it from SharePoint. Once I emptied the recycle bins, I performed another recall and unused blob cleanup and problem solved.

  • Hi Matthew,


    Thanks for the update and I'm glad to know that your issue has been resolved.