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Questions about migrating archive for exchange



               After looking over the documentation that you sent over I have a coupe questions. We were discussing how to migrate everything with the least amount of downtime. The thought was to turn off archiving but still leave the data available for access so employees can still open archived emails. Please see the steps below as what we are thinking and let us know if this would work.


  1. Turn off archiving so data will not be changing but still allow access to archived emails
  2. Copy archived data to the new archive server
  3. Make SQL backups and move to the new SQL server
  4. Install on the new server and point to the new SQL server
  5. Copy indexes to new server
  6. Create outlook profiles on server
  7. Do we need to make any changes on the exchange servers?
  8. Point employees outlook plugin to new server



  • Hi James,


    Yes, the steps you have outlined should work. However, it is recommended to perform any SQL-related task during non-production hours and perform a repair installation of the 64-bit extension to ensure it is connecting to the correct server.