Restoring items based on Archive Date

Is there a way to restore all items that were archived on a specific date?

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  • OK We ran several tests today with Restore Wizard, but none returned any results. In case I am missing something simple, we did the following:
    1) Archive several items from a specific mailbox
    2) Validated that these had been archived.
    3) Ran restore wizard with the mailbox selected.
    4) Chose the date filter using modification date
    5) Chose dates between 6/3/2021 and 6/5/2021.
    This received no results, so we ran again using date after and 4/1/2021. This also received no results.

    BTW, in case this is simply a version issue, we are running 8.1.1 in an environment with 6 locations.

  • Hi Chuck,

    I hope you are doing fine. I would recommend for you open a service request on the Quest Support Portal so that we can take a look at the process and find out the reason why the Restore by date is not working for you.

    Thank you

    Felix Myles