Backup Storage Locations


I tried to configure the backup location (UNC path) but I get this error:

The directory xxxx could not be verified. Ensure that the directory exists, and that the backup service account has read permission on this directory. If you specified a local path, ensure that the path exists on all backup service computers.

The user have full right.

Thanks for help me


  • Hello Faye,   

    When creating a UNC path you must ensure that the accounts have the right to read/write or owner of the location.   Remember that the UNC path must be reachable from all backup services servers from the farm.  Go to the location on the shared folder/address you are working with.   Right-click on it and hit the properties option. 

    At the top look for the Sharing tab.   There you will see the UNC Path location.   Click on the share button, that will open the File Sharing window.    If the account you are working with is on the list and has read/write or owner permission then close that window if not add the account you are running.  

    If everything looks ok at the fire sharing window click cancel.   In the Sharing tab then hit the button Advanced Sharing.   make sure the share this folder checkbox is marked and proceed to the Permissions Button.   Add the accounts you saw on File Sharing window and grant them full control on the checkboxes and click apply and Ok.  you must also click on the apply/ok for the advanced sharing window.  

    then go back to the console and you can add the UNC path to the backup tool.  

  • Hi Carlos

    thank for your reply.

    I checked the share permissions and the folder permissions and they are fine --> owner

    The user is server Administrator.

    Maybe can be another problem?




  • Hi Faye,   

    Yes, you have checked that the account is the owner.  But even then if the account shows as the owner at the UNC share level you must confirm that the account has full control +  Change +  Read checkboxes from the share permissions.    If tested the scenario and recreated the case.  if that is correct check for the permission on the database permissions on the backup.  confirm the version of metalgox backup. 

  • Hi Carlos

    I find this error on EV:

    Unable to connect to any of IContentBackupService endpoints. Last error received: Exception type: Idera.Pointbackup.Shared.PBException
    Message: Unable to connect to any of IContentBackupService endpoints. Last error received:
    Source: PBSoa.Wcf
    at Idera.Pointbackup.Soa.Wcf.WcfBroker.GetServiceInstance[T](Uri[] uris, Int32 connectTimeout)
    at Idera.Pointbackup.Shared.Service.Backup.ContentBackupServiceBroker.OpenBackupSetDirectory(StorageOptions storageOptions, String backupSetDirectory)
    at Idera.Pointbackup.Service.Management.Service.ManagementService.OpenBackupSetDirectory(StorageOptions storageOptions, String backupSetDirectory, Guid farmId)

    I confirm that the user have FULL CONTROL.

    DB server --> sysadmin ...