Migrating path-based to 2019 HNSC-based site collections

We have an on-prem SP 2013 farm with several web applications with URLs such as

Under the http://some-name.company.com web application there is a root site collection that is accessed via http://some-name.company.com/, and under this root collection there exist a number of sub-sites (not site collections).

We now plan to migrate this farm to an on-prem SP 2019 farm and would like to consolidate the root site collection from http://some-name.company.com under the http://portal.company.com web application, but retain the original URL.  So we plan to convert the site collection to a HNSC, but under http://portal.company.com.  So the final result should look like:

Does anyone know if Content Matrix supports a direct, one-step migration of a traditional path-based site collection (i.e. http://some-name.company.com from above) and converting it to a HNSC under the target web application as described above?