Files on SPO checked-out to System Account and cannot be checked-in


This is my first post here so apologies in advance if I've missed something.

We're facing an issue after migration from SP2010 to SPO using Metalogix:

Files are checked-in at the source site (SharePoint 2010). After migration of these files using Metalogix Content Matrix 9.2 to SharePoint Online, a few files are checked out to System Account. We are not able to perform a check-in for these files with neither with the SharePoint-Administrator account nor with a Global Admin account. Trying to check them in with PNP fails as well.

If we try to resolve the System Account we get an error (“user not found”).

How can we perform a check-in or an undo of check-out for these files or how can we delete these files? 

Please advise. 

Thank You

  • This is one of the reasons we recommend that all files be checked in prior to migration. I'm not sure if there is a way to check the files in now - especially if the Admin cannot do it. This is not something that we can control with our migration software.