SharePoint Migration Library Names CM

Does anyone knows how Content Matrix handles the names of the Libraries migrated from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online? 

  • Does it uses the internal name?
  • There's any naming best practice applied?

This question came up since we have been noticed that Library names differ in SharePoint Online from the names in SharePoint 2013.

  • Are you asking if CM keeps the library name used on SP2013 when the library is migrated to SPO? I think it just keeps the name as is.

  • It migrates using the internal name of the List/Library, but it doesn't maintains the display name.

    Ex.  When I create the Library I use the following name FAQ to keep the URL short, then we update the name of the Library to IT FAQ.  Content Matrix migrate the library with the FAQ name but does not maintains the name provided later to the library IT FAQ.

  • Hi Jose, Content Matrix will maintain the display name after migration even after we update the name of the library from FAQ to IT FAQ or any other name but it will not maintain the web address and web address will remain shows FAQ in the URL.

    Please feel free to create a support SR if you are still having issues to maintain updated display name so that we can walk you through the process.