Metalogix Content Matrix 9.4 - What's New

Note: We previously posted product release announcements in our Blogs section; but are now posting them in the community.

We are excited to announce the release of Metalogix Content Matrix 9.4. Listed below are some of the key features:

  • The new consolidated installer installs all editions of Content Matrix. You can then use the edition(s) for which you are licensed. In addition, a single Content Matrix PowerShell console is used for all editions. It just requires the addition of the edition-specific snap-in for each session.
  • Content Matrix supports SharePoint 2019 as a source, including SharePoint 2019 database connections.
  • Content Matrix supports migrations from a SharePoint 2019 communication site to SharePoint 2019 or SharePoint Online communication site and a SharePoint 2019 modern team site to a SharePoint 2019 or SharePoint Online modern team site.
  • Nintex Classic and Responsive forms can be migrated from and to SharePoint 2019.
  • Multi-lingual support: Content Matrix supports migrations to SharePoint Online when the default language used on the source is different than the default language used on the target. Refer to the SharePoint Edition documentation for a list of tested languages.
  • Content types are migrated at the list level, even when the parent content type is not available at site level on source
  • The Managed Metadata taxonomy utility allows you to create mappings between source and target Managed Metadata term groups, term sets, and terms and (using PowerShell) import them to Job and Distributed Migration databases for use in migrations.
  • You can register a modern team or communication site as a hub site and associate sites with it, either through the Content Matrix Console or using PowerShell.
  • Using PowerShell, you can:
    • make an active connection to SharePoint in the Content Matrix Console
    • trigger a job to run in the Content Matrix Console
  • For Distributed Migration:
    • Global mappings are saved to the Distributed Database, so they can be shared by all agents.
    • Active connections are now stored in the Distributed Database rather than in the agent's local file. This allows active connections to be shared among agents.
  • You have the option to override the current version of Metalogix Extension Web Service (MEWS) and use an older installed version.
  • When using a 2013 or later database connection, you can make an external connection to SharePoint, which allows files to be migrated using CSOM. This will allow large files to be migrated in chunks so that the migration of large files (over 400 MB) is less likely to fail.
  • SQL CE is no longer distributed with Content Matrix. If you want to continue using it for running jobs, then SQL Server Compact 4.0 must be installed on the machine.
  • SharePoint 2010 OOB and SPD 2010 style workflows are no longer supported by Microsoft for SharePoint Online and will be skipped during migration.
  • Support for multi-authentication using CSOM has been added.
  • In Public Folder Edition, the "Paste all exchange folder items" action now copies items in all folders, including subfolders (not just the root folder).

The full Content Matrix Release Notes can be found on the technical documentation site.

For current customers, you can download Content Matrix here.

For customers that are interested in evaluating Content Matrix, you can sign up for a trial here.

As with all new releases, we love to hear any and all feedback.  Tell us what you like, don't like, and if you have any ideas for future enhancements, please let us know on the discussion forums!

  • Looks like accessing a Metalogix.SharePoint.Web object in powershell or inside of transformers is broken with this release - just an FYI in case you are looking to upgrade to this version and you use transformers you should probably stay away (ticket already opened with dev)

  • We are not seeing this problem in our testing or being reported by other customers or partners. We do have your Support Request and our QA Engineer has asked for more details to reproduce your reported problem. You should be hearing from the Support Engineer and then we can work to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.. 

  • Thanks for the quick and timely response Randy - it seems the engineer was able to reproduce it and sent it over to the development team. Service request #5003356 . The full error output i receive is:
    The field or property: "Id" for type: "Metalogix.SharePoint.SPSite" differs only in letter casing from the field or
    property: "ID". The type must be Common Language Specification (CLS) compliant.

    To reproduce it - you just select a completed job in content matrix, export the powershell component, and then run the script up to $SourceCollection / $TargetCollection. I get the error with both SP2016 and SPO. The copy commands still seem to work, but if you try to access the objects or use the Web/Site objects in a transformer - it will throw the above error. As you pointed out - hope the error is exclusive to me (i'll update this thread regardless). 

  • Confirmed as a bug - any transformers or powershell script that access the SPWeb object will not work in this release - so  if you use anything like that in your migration process stay away from 9.4. Seems that the metalogix web object has two ID properties with different casings. Dev team is aware and working on it.