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What I need is some guidance on either compressing that database or clearing some records.

What I need is some guidance on either compressing that database or clearing some records.
  • Hi Ron,


    Based on the attached file, it seems you need assistance with ControlPoint's xcAdmin database. I suggest that you check the size of tables in the said database. Please refer to link below for instructions on how to do so:


    Find Size Of Tables In Database – SQL Server


    In addition to that, below are some KB articles that may be helpful in decreasing the disk space xcAdmin database is using:


    ​Transaction log of xcAdmin database consumes disk space


    Purging Historical Activity and Storage Data from the ControlPoint Services (xcAdmin) Database




  • Hello Guys, I am sorry to say that I have fallen at the first. When trying to run a purge I get no options from the drop down and I am unable to enter the Farm name. [cid:image001.png@01D3288A.A5455A60] Ron Coleman Operations Specialist | CROWN Europe Downsview Road, Wantage, OX12 9BP | United Kingdom T: +44 1235 402878 | [Crown Packaging] [][][] [cid:image006.jpg@01D3288A.A5455A60]
  • Hi Ron,


    If you're unable to select the farm name from the drop down menu on the Purge Historical Activity screen of ControlPoint, you can manually do the same process by following the "Transaction Log of xcAdmin database" KB article.


    The basic gist of the operations is the following:

    1. In SQL Server Management Studio, right click on the xcAdmin database and select Properties
    2. Click on Options and set the Recovery Model to Simple, hit OK to save
    3. Right click on the xcAdmin database again and shrink the database or the log file


    You can also shrink the log file by running the following SQL Query against the xcAdmin database:

    Use xcAdmin

    DBCC SHRINKFILE(xcAdmin_log, 10)


    DBCC SHRINKFILE(xcAdmin_log, 10)


    Link to KB article from Cyrus' original post is:


    Good luck and please let us know how it goes, thanks!