How do I change the ControlPoint URL to a friendly URL

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I have a Test environment working properly. I'm using a friendly URL for both direct access to https://friendlyURL/_layouts/axceler/main.aspx and to access via the ControlPoint Menus for SharePoint. All retain the friendly URL. 

In Production, I can browse to https://friendlyURL/_layouts/axceler/main.aspx and it works fine. If I browse to the CP web app site collection URL https://friendlyURL/ and click on the CP Menues from the gear icon, I'm taken to the https://servername:1818/_layouts/axceler/main.aspx and that works as well. So basically, both the friendly URL and the server name URL's work. However the CP links from a SharePoint site menu takes me to the server name URL. I need those links to take me to the friendly URL. My SP AAM default is the friendly URL. I have an AAM and IIS binding for the server name URL to get that to work. Otherwise, the CP links from a SP site fail. I also had to specify the default access URL in CP settings to reflect the server name URL to get reports to work when accessing the CP app via direct browsing to the friendly URL. 

https://friendlyURL/_layouts/axceler/main.aspx  - Works

https://servername:1818/_layouts/axceler/main.aspx - Works

https://friendlyURL/ - Works

https://friendlyURL/ then click on menus for CP to get to the CP App take me to the server name URL. I need this to take me to the friendly URL.