Uninstall Metalogix Diagnostic Manager

As part of our Change Management requirements, I am required to include instructions for uninstalling the Diagnostic Manager.  In my Diagnostic Manager installation guide, I cannot find any direction on how to uninstall the Diagnostic Manager on the Metalogix website.  If anybody can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Good morning, the uninstall process is very straight forward:
    1- Download the installer for your version of Diagnostics Manager
    2- Run the installer with admin credentials on the server you have it installed on
    3- Choose the remove option
    4- click next 
    5- click finish when the process is complete

    After those steps it will be uninstalled completely. 

    In case you need this documented I will need you to allow us some time to create a KB article and publish it.


  • Thanks for the quick response. If you could document it that would help out so I can pass it along to my manager. 

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