File Share Migration to SharePoint Online Broken Permissions Inheritance


When migrating content from NTFS file shares to SharePoint Online, and 'Copy Permissions' is selected, each individual file / folder has broken permissions inheritance with the correct permissions set on each individual file / folder.

This even happens when you migrate a directory (and all its contents) that has the primary permissions, to which all sub-folders / files inherit (e.g. a users home folder).

Obviously, it would be an absolute nightmare to manage permissions when this has migrated to SharePoint Online, with potentially tens of thousands of documents each with their own unique permissions.

Is there a way to migrate from a file share with permissions but for the inheritance of permissions to be honoured within SharePoint Online?

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Kris, In Essentials version 2.2.3 a new feature was added regarding permissions inheritance called "Intelligent Permissions Migration." If you use the HyperMigration wizard to migrate content from Fileshare to Office 365 and select to copy file-level` permissions, the Intelligent Permissions Migration feature will compare the permissions of the object to the permissions of the parent folder and if the permissions are the same, the item will inherit permissions.