Metalgix Essentials for O365 - Pre-Migration Analysis report - Nintex Forms, SPD Workflows, InfoPath Forms details

Hi Team,

I am populating essential pre migration analysis report for SharePoint 2013 sites, I am trying to get information SharePoint Designer Workflows(SPD), Nintex Forms, InfoPath Forms details.

Can you please suggest if Essentials capable for populating details mentioned above. If yes, what are those fields can be referred in Essential Pre-Migration Analysis report.



  • Hi Hiral,

    The pre-migration analysis feature will show some details of SPD workflows, and will show the number of Nintex Forms, number of Workflows (SPD, OOB and Nintex), and number of Infopath forms for each list or library in a site. I hope this helps to answer your question.

  • Thanks Jay. My query is about Essentials report having 'Workflow Report' tab with columns

    Source Object URL Source Object Name Workflow Name Type Description Platform

    Here, in Type column 'Nintex List Workflow' and Type 'Nintex' mentioned. What is values for SPD Workflow, OOTB workflow and for custom Visual studio workflow?

    I am unable to find Nintex Forms related information in report. It will be good if you provide details on sheet and columns name (with value)  to make report understanding simple.

  • Hello Hiral,

    I'm not quite sure what you're asking for. Perhaps if you created a service request then someone would be able to address your question more appropriately.