SharePoint Pre-Migration Analysis

Hi Team,

I am executing Essentials for Office 365 to analyze SharePoint 2013 site collection for migration (Target environment is SharePoint Online). My site collection overall size is 900 GB.

I have installed Quest Essentials for Office 365 tool to independent VM (within network) Before starting Pre-migration analysis, I would like to take confirm, if this execution doesn't have any impact on On premise site's performance.

Can you share reference link, explaining how this tool gathering required information.



  • Hi Hiral,

    When doing a premigration analysis, Essentials uses the default SharePoint APIs to read from the source information. Any impact on the performance of the On-Premises SharePoint farm would be minimal. Unfortunately, there is not any reference link regarding this.

  • Before you perform the migration, you can perform a pre-migration analysis in FLY. The pre-migration report can give a better understanding of the number and size of SharePoint but no reference link.