How to create the azturbo parameter?

We are using Quest essentials to migrate a bunch of file folders to SharePoint Online.

Using the Quest Essentials tool I can configure a command using the turbo migration. It results in something like this:

essentials -cmd importfiles -path "C:\Temp\Storage\Demo Docs\images" -trgtsite "https://<domain>" -trgtlist "targetDoclib" -trgtuser "" -trgtepass "<encryptedpass>" -overwritebehavior dont_copy -copySharedFiles -log '1output.log.xml' -azturbo "migrationtest CDHx057<long key>... azure://migrationtest"  -noSplash

These commands work and do migrate the requested files.

According to the documentation the azturbo parameter is:  --azurturbo "[storage account] [account key] [host]"
However when using the Quest Essentials I notice that the [account key] is changing constantly.

Since I have >7000 folders to migrate, I would like to generate these essentials commands. But it's not clear to me on how to correctly generate the [account key] part from the 'azturbo' parameter.

Do we have more information on this?

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