Sometimes can't login to SP 2013

Sometimes Essentials refuses to connect me to my SharePoint 2013 site. I have full permissions to the entire site. It's not an access thing. I've tried every work around I could think of to get it to log me in. Use my email. Use domain\username. populate the domain field. Leave domain field blank. Upper case. Lower case. Off VPN. ON VPN. Restarting. Rebooting. Some days it lets me in. Other days it doesn't. 

I get two types of error

"Connection Failed: The server sent HTTP status code 200: OK"

The other error is

"Connection Failed: null"

Anyone have any clue how to get logged in when I start getting these errors?

  • FYI I rebooted again and before opening any other applications, I started up Essentials and it let me connect to the site and migrate some documents. I'm guessing there is some cookie or token being stored in a cache that expires or something. Either way it is an annoying issue I have ran into several times so hopefully someone can look into this.