Site Connection Admin

So I am trying to migrate onedrive to onedrive, and I keep getting the error message "Connection Failed:User is not a site collection admin"  We have verified that all the correct permissions are enabled, however when we try to connect to the admin, that's the error message we get.   When we click on the "Click here to learn more" all it does is takes us to this link "" Any ideas?

  • Hi sabrina, usually this error shows up when the account connecting to the Admin Center does not have enough permissions, you will need to be able to authenticate on both SharePoint Admin Center portals in Office 365 using a Global Administrator. Also, the account used to perform the migration needs to be a Site Collection Administrator in both, source and target One Drive Sites.

    You may want to refer to Copy OneDrive to OneDrive for detailed information regarding permissions required.

    If the issue persists I'd recommend opening a support ticket, we can work with you on a screen share session.