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Is it possible to resolve stuck threads under Working page in Replicator ?


We see under Monitor Replicator > Working page some active package threads which seem to be stuck. Is it something which we can resolve without updating the software version ? Anything we can check and apply in DB ?

Please see below:



The 2 first threads seem to be stuck and I guess the overall performance is affected.


Kind regards,


  • Hi Dimitris,


    You may perform the steps below to remove the stuck package threads:


    1. Stop the Replicator services on all servers in the farm.

    2. Run the following SQL queries against all of the databases that show _Syntergy within the name:


    delete from replicationpackages

    delete from replicationqueueitems

    delete from replicationpackageevents

    delete from packagehistory

    delete from sharepointevents


    3. Manually delete the packages in the Replicator data folder specific to the web application (e.g. \\ServerName\Replicator_Data\GUID\Packages). To get this information, please navigate to Central Administration > Application Management > Metalogix Replicator > Configure Web Application > Replicator Data Folders > Package Data Path.

    4. Restart the Replicator services on all servers in the farm.