cannot install replicator

Hi all,

i cannot install replicator to my farm. during the installation, it crashes with an error, and recommend to try use powershell to redeploy.

in the event viewer there is an message

Exception occurred processing Metalogix Replicator Solutions 'DeployWSSSolutions'

A deployment or retraction is already under way for the solution "metalogixreplicatorsolution.wsp", and only one deployment or retraction at a time is supported.

i tried to uninstall and reinstall replicator - no luck.

what can i do in such situation?

  • Hi, 

    Please attempt the following:

    Using the Run as administrator option, open up the SharePoint Management Shell.

    At prompt enter the following: stsadm -o enumdeployments [ENTER]

    This should give you the current on going deployments, as an example you will see:

    <Deployment JobID="3fc072ef-cd56-4079-817d-f4e0791fe838">
    <Title>Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Solution Retraction for "metalogixreplicatorsolution.wsp"</Title>

    Copy the JobID found to match the mentioned solution name "metalogixreplicatorsolution.wsp" and next type out the following:

    stsadm -o canceldeployment -id 3fc072ef-cd56-4079-817d-f4e0791fe838 [ENTER]

    Once that has completed, again using the Run as administrator option open up Replicator Management Shell.

    At the prompt type: Install-ReplicatorSolutions [ENTER]
    (This command should attempt to deploy the Replicator Solutions again).

    Should these steps not work please open up a ticket.

    Thank you,