person or group column replication is mangled

Is there a way to correctly replicate a column that contains person or group type data so that it still refers to the correct person on the target farm?  Both are part of the same AD Domain, but in different regions of the world.

  • There should be a way, because in our similar set-up, this issue does not occur.

    We have SP 2013 with the latest Replicator, and Person or Groups fields are replicated correctly, also in two-way replication between HQ and Vessels.
    (Our Vessels have their own LAN, with their own domain controllers and SharePoint Farm etc.)

    We did not configure anything special for this in Replicator.

    Since the WAN connections to our Vessels are over satellites, we use Direct Mode replication and never configure Immediate replication.
    (For a new AD user: the domain controllers should get the change to synchronize the user(s) before Replicator tries to replicate them in SP fields.)

    Could you tell more about your set-up and any log entries related to the incorrect replication of those Person / Group references?

  • We now have this issue, but only for MULTIPLE SELECTION Person or Group Fields.
    Case has been submitted to Quest Support.