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Performance Information if you use Encryption and Compression?

Is there any performance hit if you use one or both of these in StoragePoint?


  • Hi Felicia,


    There is a performance hit if you use either encryption or compression and definitely a hit if you use both. The impact would be difficult to gauge since it relies on a couple factors such as file size, the level of compression, and the resources available on the server processing the request. The higher the compression level, the longer the compression will take.


    The StoragePoint Reference Guide has a blurb on the performance impact of Compression and Encryption that I'm going to paste here in verbatim:


    Metalogix StoragePoint offers the options of compressing and/or encrypting external BLOB files on a given endpoint. The compression option can provide better storage utilization by shrinking files and the encryption option can provide for better security of blob data both during transmission and at rest. However, since both options are implemented in software and not hardware, there is a resource cost associated with using them. Both software compression and encryption utilize CPU resources. The amount of CPU used for compression varies depending on the size of the files and whether they are already compressed or not (i.e. PDF, DOCX, XLSX, etc.). Larger files and files that are already mostly compressed can utilize substantial CPU resources during compression processing. The amount of CPU used for encryption can increase depending on the size of the file (larger file sizes use more CPU resources). 


    I'm limited to the size of the post I can write here but you can get the full details from the StoragePoint Reference Guide here on page 46 linked here: