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A transport-level error has ocurred when receiving results from the server.

We're seeing this unexpected error in the ULS logs when running a manual externalization.

A transport-level error has ocurred when receiving results from the server. (provider.Session Provider, error 19 - Physical connection is not usable) (Source: StorageBinary.General)

What is this error and is it something to be concerned with? We have not seen any problems with the externalized content so far. files are accessible.

  • Hi Rodney,


    Please start by checking the itemID indicated in the ULS logs and verify that it is externalized in the endpoints.


    This issue could be caused by what is happening in the server while the job is running.


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  • This particular error doesn't have an ItemID. I checked some of files externalized, and i didn't see an issue accessing them. I'll keep monitoring.

    Is there documentation for these errors available to customers?

    We're on our first week of the StoragePoint implementation and we're seeing exceptions and errors that we didn't run into during testing.


    for instance, we're now getting an exception in the Mirgration Job reading:

    Managed job exception detail: ContentMigrator Job with (count unknown) thread(s) threw an exception:Master Content Migrator Job shutting down with un-processed Work Items.

    This comes up in the ULS logs. I've turned on Verbose but there are no other messages that might tell me what's going on.

  • Hi Rodney,


    I have included the link for the StoragePoint Reference guide below. You can also use the Customer Portal to help search for related articles that may assist you.


    Link to reference Guide >


    Kind Regards,