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StoragePoint Install & Configuration

SharePoint 2016 / OS : Windows Server 2016

Server Farm : APP 1EA + WFE 1EA + SQL 1EA

Server Farm Information is below.

There is another application server in the farm (the current server is not counted.) Check validation warning message displayed. this message is only display in SharePoint WFE Server.

This is my last answer, and the service is already running. (Top screen)

I want to know reason (same happens to my client)

And After AppServer Install,

When creating or editing a StoragePoint Profile, an error occurs as shown in the image below. What is the solution?

  • Hi Jun,


    If the Endpoint Selection Mode is set to Asynchronous, the content BLOB will be written to the system cache and control returned to the user. The BLOB Migration Agent will be responsible for evaluating the configured endpoints asynchronously.


    So, to resolve the warning message above, please ensure that you have already set up the System Cache by following the instructions below:





  • Hi Jun,


    In relation to the "Unable to get control info about sptimerv4 service" error message, please make sure that the application pool and SharePoint Timer service accounts have local administrator permission on all servers.


    Let me know if the issue persists so I can assist you further.