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StoragePoint Bulk Recall - SharePoint Content DB migration

Dear all!

Currently we try to migrate our SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016.

For migration preparation we made a StoragePoint Bulk Recall to re-include outsourced documents into the content DB. Recall jobs were successfully completed. EBS Provider is deactivated.

Then we made a backup of the content DB and tried to migrate / mount this in SharePoint 2013. But mounting did fail due to this error:

‘Content database cannot be upgraded due to use of the obsoleted External Binary Storage feature in 'AllDocs' table with ID '34c27188-b7ed-4eca-918b-00373cdccb9b'. You must migrate that data to another storage feature.’

Any idea what’s the issue and how we can solve this?

Many thanks in advance for your feedback and help.

Best regards