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What do I need to consider when migrating a StoragePoint Enable SharePoint Site Collection to SharePoint Online (Office 365)?

I am migrating our On Premise SharePoint environment to Office 365. I am aware that StoragePoint is not offered in that environment but I would like to know what I need to consider before my migration? For example, do I need to re-ingest all of my blob storage back onto SQL before I migrate? Etc. Please contact me directly so I can discuss further with you.

  • Hi Dominique,


    If you are migrating externalized content using a non-Metalogix tool, a full recall should take place prior to migration.


    If you are migrating externalized content using Content Matrix, there is no need to do a full recall, but it is recommended to use the MEWS connection adapter. For additional information, please refer to the link below:


    StoragePoint Options


    I hope this helps.