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Process VHD files

Hi all, 

Our customer is using profile disks (VHD) for their RDS farm. Is it possible to process the VHD files without them being mounted? 

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  • In support, we don't have anything on this, nor has it been tested.  I assume (again, only assume) it would work fine, running vmover against the volumes, as long as they are listed as drives on a workstation/server.

  • Hi Sebastian.  I ran into my first instance of this with a customer a couple months ago.  I had never come across UPDs in use in production before in RDS... so had to do some testing. What we found in experimenting was:

    1. Processing the RDS farm when a user was logged in - the profile would not be processed, despite being 'mounted' by/for the user
    2. The UPD had to be manually mounted by an admin on one of the RDS Servers and we used vmover.exe locally to process the locally mounted volume.
    3. We used two command lines to successfully update the profile (assuming the locally mounted volume is the E drive): 1.) vmover /c /roaming=e:\ and also 2.) vmover /c /volume=e:\
    4. The UPD then had to be renamed to reference the target domain SID of the migrated user

    Thereafter the profile was accessible to the migrated user. So - this introduces some logistical juggling during your migration. You could have an outage where RDS profiles will be inacessible to end users, while each is mounted and processed/prepped before the migration.  That would leave only the file renaming on the 'night of' the migration to reference the target SID.  There wasn't a ton of profiles for my customer - so we dealt with processing and the UPD rename on the night of.  We exported source/target SID values with friendly names into our migration scheduling spreadsheet so we had a quick reference of the SIDs involved, to make renaming the UPD files a bit easier.

    I hope this helps!