SMS Processing / SCCM

I've been using Migration Manager for about 11 months and successfully migrated hundreds of clients with all the net features that QMM added to our automation process. However there's one feature that's bugging my mind which is "SMS Processing" which I firmly believe is related to Microsoft SMS (Systems Management Server) which is long gone and gave birth to MS System Center Configuration Manager. In our organization we have a fairly large number of endpoints under SCCM (94K+) and it's very likely that we may use someday this feature for divesting an SCCM secondary instead of creating one from scratch.

However there's no indication of which version of SMS/SCCM does the product support and if will upgraded any time to support the latest MS SCCM Branch releases.

Anyone have a clue?

  • HI,

     SCCM changed its client-server communication channel (well, most of it) from status messages to state messages at the start of SCCM 2012 version. 

    State messages were not real-time communication between the SCCM client and Server. SCCM Product group introduced SCCM Fast Channel Notification

    The SCCM Fast Channel Notification is used for many features in SCCM current branch versions. I don’t think it’s used for all SCCM client server communications.