Not able to access legacy domain Exchange Server after AD Users migration

Hi all,

Working on QMM 8.14 for our AD consolidation project. We are migrating from a legacy forest to a new forest using QMM where Users will be still accessing legacy forest's Exchange Server.

With Exchange Processing Wizard working normal and SID filtering is on, the users successfully retrieve the SID history.

However when users from new domain accessing the Exchange it will said Access Denied and not able to retrieve user profiles. 

Those users still able to access other resources like file server and other LOB applications through SID History, but only Exchange.

If we don't includes the SID History then users could access to Exchange Server by typing their legacy domain's credentials. However all other resources are not able to access unlike with SID History (this is normal).

Anyone facing something similar before and give us a pointer? This had been dragging for a while but we have no idea whether it's QMM or Exchange Issues.


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