Multiple Source Domains - Linking Exchange Mailbox

Hi there,

We're just about to migrate users from two source domains down to a single target and we have QMM for AD & Exchange in place. For users with mailboxes in the same source domain the procedure is easy enough, but we have a number of users that primarily use AccountA in DomainA to login to their PCs in DomainA but they access their Exchange mailbox in DomainB. They have an associated AccountB in DomainB also.

What I'd like to achieve:

  1. Copy the SIDHistory from DomainA to Target
  2. Copy the password from DomainA to Target
  3. Link Target account to Mailbox from DomainB

Does anyone have any idea how I achieve the above?

Next Question: With regards to on-going synchronisation of Source(s) to Target, is this something I have to do away with in this scenario or can I configure the user for synchronisation in one or both of the domains to keep the password up to date?

What I've done so far:

  1. Migrated user from DomainB, no SIDHistory and skip the password.
  2. Migrated user from DomainA, with SIDHistory and the password copied. This successfully merged with the account created in Step 1 in the target domain.
  3. Added the mailbox from DomainB to the Exchange Mailbox Sync job, but it fails to find the mailbox. Error = The target mailbox could not be found. Possible reason: The target mailbox was not created during the directory synchronisation.
  4. I haven't configured any synchronisation as I was unsure being that there are two source domains.

I hope the above all makes sense.

If anything requires clarification by all means let me know and I will do so.

Thanks in advance!

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