Migration of Active Directory Objects from Restricted and limited permissions from source to target

Hi Team,

             We are working on one of the Project, where we need to migrate Active Directory objects from source to target. We have very limited permissions in the Source domain and Full permissions in the Target domain.

What is the process to be followed for the migration? I tried following the website - (https://support.quest.com/technical-documents/migration-manager-for-ad/8.14/granular-account-permissions/2#TOPIC-952847) but there is no folder with the name Switch Agent mode in the "%Program Files%\Common Files\Aelita Shared\ to the %Program Files%\Quest Software\Migration Manager\Common\BIN\DeployDistr\Switch Agent Mode" as described in the article.

Kindly help why folder is missing and we even do not have other exe or dll files. The only exe file is of DSAgent.exe. Any alternative to this?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks and Regards,

Praakassh Ghaitadke

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