Order of sidhistory cleanup and re-ACL


I just want to know whether I should do re-ACL first on resources and then cleanup Sidhistory OR first I should cleanup of sidhistory and then re-ACL on resources? What is the correct order of these post migration tasks? Please explain what is the technical reason for the correct order?

Thanks in advance!


  • Technologically, SIDHistory is meant to "help" you in the sense that if you want (or need) to cutover your users to using their new accounts before you re-ACL, you can usually rely on SIDHistory to keep them accessing the resources they need to work.

    So, the order is:

    1.  Re-ACL

    2. Cleanup SIDHistory.

    Beware however, that once you do the SIDHistory cleanup, you may run into situations where users lose resource access because you missed migrating a group that was granting access.  It's a quick thing to fix (by migrating the group in question and re-ACL'ing the resource again) but it could happen.