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Below are my questions:

Q1) My question is does ADPW process group membership only if source objects were members of target groups prior to the migration?

Q2) What would be possible scopes of target groups, if source objects were members of target groups prior to the migration?

Q3) Are there any other scenarios where process group membership by ADPW is applicable? Please elaborate.

Q4) What are other scenarios where I need to process by using ADPW? Please describe briefly.

Kindly reply and explain specific to above mentioned questions.

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  • Thank you 

    As I understand correctly, ADPW is for groups in foreign domain across a trust. It will updated the membership of the group based on the existing membership and the mapping data. i.e. Source\User will be Target\User.

    But the example given by Johnny is confusing me. As per his example, he mentioned that migration project involved migration from SOURCEDOM1 to TARGETDOM1.  Objects you migrate with migration sessions will have mapping entries in QMM's database like this:


    So let's look at the members of domain local group in SOURCEDOM1:




    Assuming the scenario outlined above, ADPW will be able to update the membership of this group ONLY for SOURCEDOM1\Fred as QMM knows nothing about DOM2 and DOM3 users.

    So here is the confusing part. In the above example, there is no foreign domain group involved. It simply says that ADPW will update membership of the source domain local group by comparing existing membership and mapping entries in QMM's database. Kindly provide clarity on this.

    Does ADPW can process only domain local group membership only? 

    Does he mean that if source users still exist in source domain groups even after migrated to target domain, then I need to execute ADPW against source domain to update membership of those source groups - that contains those source users as members? Please comment on this.

     : Requesting your last reply on this and explain specific to above mentioned queries.

    Thanks in advance!


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