OK to use a remote MMAD server over a WAN?

I'm curious to know if AD migrations work well using a remote MMAD server over a WAN connection.  

My first migration last year was successful after building the MMAD server and new temporary destination domain controller in the remote location. This year I have 3 new migrations coming up, (all less than 100 users).  The home office is at 500 mbps up/down while the remote sites are 500 mbps down/50 mbps up.  Two of the remotes are in Europe and the home office is stateside.  Exchange for the remotes is on premise, we'd be using MMEX not ODME.  Which plan below would you recommend?

1.  Add more liceses to the current remote MMAD server and run the migrations from there.
2.  Build one new MMAD server in the home office to migrate the 3 new remote sites.
3.  Build 3 MMAD server's, one at each remote site along with new local domain controllers.  

  • For MMAD the network traffic is LDAP between the DCs and AD LDS instance. For MMEX the traffic is SQL from the Agents hosts and console and EWS from the agent hosts to Exchange. So whille is can work across the WAN links, it would be best if the SQL and Agent Hosts were close to the EX Servers. So if you have to split it, it all across the pond and then you are only reaching back stateside for the LDAP directory write. 

    But there is really not enough detail for me to really point in the best deployment.