Suggestion required

Hi Guys,

How do I acquire advanced knowledge of Active Directory. Please let me know what is the best way to be proficient in advanced AD knowledge and to have deep understanding. If possible, please share web link of reference materials or suggest name of best book. Please please please, I really need to get help in this matter. Pray

Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.

  • Microsoft offers many different levels of training as well as other publishers out there.   This forum is for the Quest product Migration Manager for Active Directory.   The best resource is Microsoft's website for direct training and MS Press Books.

    As for as the best book, that's going to be more subjective to personal preference and technical level at the time of reading the book.   YouTube also has many video's on Active Directory.

  • Well said .  The other consideration around training is the type of work you do.  Do you deploy servers on premise?  In Azure or AWS? Do you deploy workstations?  Do you have to create and manage Active Directory users and groups?  Do you have to manage objects in your Office 365 tenant?  If yes, what other types of tasks do you perform in your tenant - Mail?  Sharepoint?  Teams?  One Drive?  

    I guess my point is, try and find training that is most relevant to the work you do because a) You will be more inclined to see it through because it will be meaningful b) It will make you more efficient in your day to day work - which makes you look good in front your boss.

  • So my work is related to manage Active Directory users, computers and groups. Mostly, access management part. But I want to acquire advanced knowledge and deeper understanding in  Active Directory.

    Please suggest