Could migrate Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption recovery information

hi there,

I run a migration test for a workstation (Windows 10). it went well i believe as it show the restart message and prompt to restart. After restart, i can see that workstation is joined to new target domain. User profiles is there and able to login.

However, from RUM console, the task status show 'warning'. Inside the logs file got mentioned this error " Could not migrate Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption recovery information". then there is this LDAP error 0x51. Cannot contact LDAP Server. 

i not sure what is this. is it safe to ignore? or is there any workaround to fix this? as we didnt use any bitlocker encryption in the pc. 

**some setting on Move task:

change last logged-in domain to target domain - TICK

preserver computer account in source domain - TICK