AD/ODME Migration plan/playbook feedback??

I was hoping to get feedback on my migration plan or playbook below for my first try at a migration.  I'm moving 60 AD/on premise Ex2016 users to another on premise AD forest/domain that's using O365 Exchange online.  Planning on cutting everyone over on one weekend so users can login to their Win10 PC's on Monday using their target login id's.
Established two way trusts.
Configured domain pair (source / target).
Host name resolution verified, (can ping short names).
Netdom with /enablesidhistory:yes was run.
Source users already exist in target AD, (different UPN and samaccountnames), have O365 licenses and O365/Exchange Online mailboxes, (long story).
Use QMM for AD to migrate the user accounts (merge to existing AD users in target using import files matching samaccountnames, skip UPN).
Use QMM to migrate the security groups.
Configure Dir Sync by OU, skip UPN, samaccountname and pwds?  Dir Sync not required if co-existence isn't needed?
Configure RUM PC and Server collections.  Run Discovery.
I've migrated Exchange mailbox data up to 2 months ago using ODME.  Will complete the remaining data on cutover weekend.
Cutover weekend...
Start Resource Update Process from RUM collections to create profiles on target PCs & servers.
Migrate users.  Enable target accts, disable source accts.
Perform domain moves for PCs & servers.
Rename computers.
Migrate mailboxes from 2 months ago to current date.  This last one will include modifying the Outlook profile.
Cleanup SIDs.
Remove RUM agent service.
Active Directory Processing Wizard, update memberships/permissions. Mobdro
Exchange Processing Wizard.  Does this work after migrating to O365 and decommissioning the on-prem Exchange servers?
What am I missing?