Migration Manager for AD installation ?

Hi there,

I'm new to Quest's software and the Migration Manager for AD utility, so looking for some guidance. Is it required to install Migration Manager for AD on a domain controller? I'm seeing errors when trying to install the software on our non-DC VM in regards to AD LDS--presumably because the VM isn't a DC. Any assistance would be appreciated.essay writer


  • Installation is normally performed on a regular windows server.

    The product uses AD-LDS to store its configuration so you will have to install an instance on the server where you wish to run the product.

    To support security on the AD LDS instance, I always recommend creating a global security group (for example, "migration admins") to hold the user id's of those who will run the tool.  Then, when you do the AD LDS setup (that is, run the AD LDS setup wizard after you install the feature on your server), specify this group as the Administrators of the AD LDS instance.

    Some helpful resources:



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