Security Group Migration

Hi All,

I migrated users and security groups some time ago from Domain A (Legacy) to Domain B (Live) as part of a project with a Quest engineer. I believe the a sync was setup to sync User and SG objects from the Legacy Dom to Live. We are seeing more frequently Users who are not seeing all their Security Groups on the Live Domain. Basically there are quite a few individual Users who are missing a number of Security Groups.

I am seeing quite a few unresolved Links where there appears to be individual users in a group that do not come across.

The questions I have are.

1. is there a way of synchronizing or coping users that have an identical User ID on both Domains to manually set up a job to copy the Security groups over to the live Domain. This will ease the pressure of the operations team while we look at what is causing the sync issue.

2. How do I go about trouble shooting this issue. I see no errors only these unresolved link issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are migrating quite a few users in the next couple of months to the live domain and we need to ensure that the Security Group on the Legacy get replicated to the Live Domain.

Regards and thanks for any help you could provide.