Users not able to access file shares after move to new domain

I performed a migration for 2 users. Migrate from old child domain to new child domain.

After the move and pc restarted, users is able to login to their profile. Windows 10 users creating new profile windows for them. so all the document was not in place. i found a KB (forgot the link already) related to this so managed to solve the issue. Just that if happened to 100 users, it will be a headache ahha.

ok so for users just now, as i check, they not able to access mapped drive or file share set to them. Before migration, they were able to access. The error says they don't have the permission. It just weird as per my understanding, individual users migrated with their SIDHistory should be to access back their file share.

As we yet to migrate the file server, this s become an issue. 

A little bit info of environment:

source child domain AD level: windows 2003

source OS: windows server 2016

target child domain AD level: windows 2008 r2

target OS: windows server 2016

SID filtering was disabled on DC. and trust in place. trust is set on forest domain. as i validate trust, it says trust is in place. i was able to login with old domain on pc joined to new domain.

For file share permission, it was configured to individual user account, not by security group. 

So guys,

Any idea on this particular file share? is it the missing setting or something need to enable/disable?i just not sure how to troubleshoot. Yes i can add new permission from target domain as workaround but by default, i should have too rite?

please advise. Thanks