VMOVER command line to process the specified folder and all FILES immediately under it, but NOT any of the subfolders or any files/folders under them


I am processing a large file server share. Some of the subfolders are very large, and other are much smaller. I am creating batch files to process each subfolder on the first level separately (kind of breadth-first approach) so that the users of the smaller folders do not have to wait for the larger ones to be processed.  
Since each of the subfolders of the top level folder will be processed individually, I now need to process the permissions on the top level folder itself, and all directly FILES under it, and avoid processing all the subfolders again.

So my question is: what would the command line for vmover need to be to ONLY process the top level folder and ignore its immediate subfolders, and process all the files immediately under the top level folder?

Thank you