On-premises to On-premises AD user, group and workstation migration with AD connect creating new user objects in Azure.

We are testing for a migration to move AD user, group and workstation from an on-premises domain to new on-premises domain.  AD Connect is running in the source domain and is running in the target domain.   We are using the steps below and using msDS-ExternalDirectoryObjectId as the source anchor.

QMM user DIRSYNC match
QMM User migration
STOP AADConnect on source
move source user to OU not in Quest sync.
Remove from Office 365 Licensing group in source
move target user to OU Syncs to O365 (not QMM)
Add to Licensing group on target
start AADConnect on target

We are seeing a new user object created in azure after migrating the user to the new domain (old object goes to deleted users).   Does anyone have a better process to keep the migrated user intact and not have a new user object created in azure?    

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional details!