Error 0xe1000051. Cannot compare password hashes and Error 0x800706ba. The RPC server is unavailable.

We have a Domainpair where the Source AD didn't grant full administrator access. In the Target AD we have full Adminaccess for the Service account.

So we have configured the serviceaccount in source AD based on the manual and use the preinstalled Service Feature.

Installation with AllowAccess.ps1 <SourceDomain> <ServiceUser> at Source DC and AllowAccess.ps1 <targetdomain> <serviceaccount> at Target DC runs without any Problems.

EnablePreinstalledMode.ps1 in a x86 Administrative Powershell cmd runs also without any Problems.

If I try to migrate a Useraccount, i got following Error-Messages:

Error 0xe1000051. Cannot compare password hashes, source user: "xxxxx", target user: "xxxxx"
Error 0x800706ba. The RPC server is unavailable.

Firewall and AV are not installed on Quest Server or DCs. 

Someone any Idea what could cause the problem?

  • Did you install the current Hotfix? If Yes, did you use the scripts from the DSASetup share that were placed there by the hot fix? If no, I will be you ran EnablePreinstalledMode.ps1 using  x64  PowerShell and NOT the x86 powershell. Lastly did you reboot the DCs you installed the agents on using allow access? It is a hard requirement to reboot them. 

    Lastly did you set a preferred DC/GC for both domains in the DSA Agent Manager?