QMM for AD Reconfigure the DSA Agent

So I've had to change the port AD LDS is listening on because of a new systems management tool. I've reconfigured the console to point to the new port ok but I can see the agent is now failing. If I look in the DSA log, I can see the agent is still talking to the hold agent. Does anyone know how I reconfigure the agent to point to the new port?. Running v8.16 on the latest build

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  • It's a bit brute force but it will force a refresh of the agent configuration as you will be asked to reselect the server hosting AD LDS and the QMM Project name.

    Suggest you reboot between uninstalling the agent and reinstalling it.

    If you have setup your preferred DCs (hopefully you have) and changed the sleep interval, you may need to put that information back in (i.e. via the Agent Manager)