• Migration AD/Exch One forest mutli-domain to two new separate forest

    I've to design the migration for AD/Exchange from one multi-domain forest to two new forest.

    The source forest contains two domains to be migrated to new separate forest.
    Exchange is installed on a third domain on the source forest.

    I thinking to install…

  • Directory Synchronization vs. Migration

    Hello Engineers,

    I need to understand what exactly is the purpose of Directory Synchronization. How is this technically different from Migration. Can I use directory synchronization instead of migration to transfer directory objects (users, groups etc…

  • QMMAD already deployed to sync passwords, need to perform QMMAD/EX migrations

    Hello all-

    I’m starting a new migration project and am currently in the assessment phase. I have more questions than answers right now but wanted to run this scenario to the forum.

    • 3 AD forests into one target AD forest
    • Exchange 2010 and 2013 in…
  • migration manager for mailbox synchronization

    I'm wondering some issue here. I need to migrate mailbox which in this case Exchange to newer Exchange version, but I wonder if I have only the Exchange license and not have any AD synchronize license, It is possible to complete the mailbox migration…

  • Distribution lists migration in Inter-forest migration

    We are migrating users, groups, workstations and mailboxes between 2 AD forests and we plan to use QMM for AD and Exchange.

    Current setup for mail between 2 Exchange organizations is following.

    1) Manual export for users and then import into other domain…

  • Mail routing btween Source and Target

    Good Morning,

    I have a question regarding mail routing between Source and Target domains.

    I'd like to know how the mail flow works after  additional addresses (source.local and target.local) are set up.

    Does Qmm proxy mail between domains or the flow…

  • Calendar Sync using Exchange Federation or Quest Calendar Sync job?


    Just working out in lab, I have a requirement to setup Calendar sync Free/Busy using MS Exchange Federation feature but down the line I will using QMM to setup calendar sync job. So the query is should I wait for the Quest Calendar sync do the…

  • LegacyExchangeDN and X500 - adding random numbers to LegacyExchangeDN attribute - random x500 addresses on resource mailboxes

    I have a problem with some resource mailboxes I want to migrate. The issue is once those mailboxes got migrated and a full syn runs, qmm changes legacyexchangedn values adding random digits to the and of the value. 

    for example: X500:/o=MY Org/ou=Exchange…

  • Microsoft FIM and Quest DSA


    the goal is to 'let MMEX migrate the mailboxes and FIM handles the directory. This includes proper email addressing and switching.' This was the idea of Jeff Shahan here:


  • Migration of Lotus Domino to Office 365

    Hi All,


    We have a client using Lotus Notes/Domino 9.0 and wants to migrate to Office 365, we're considering using Quest Tool for easy migration.


    Question is, how long will it take? Anyone has idea on how long would it take for the mailbox to migrate…

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    On Monday 10th We will be Showcasing all the Great things Migration Manager can do and how to make it run Better!

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