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Minimum Interval Processing - What else is possible?

Is it possible to have different minimal interval processing values by MAgE agent, Agent Host, or Collection as opposed to it being a high level project option (Set-MMEXProjectOptions) only?  

It is common to want more frequent processing for certain scenarios. A more granular configuration which was previously possible:

1 - Coexistence for Shared Mailboxes: Often having lower minimal processing intervals for Group/Shared Mailboxes so they are more up to date is preferred. For those scenarios where you can't switch a shared mailbox yet and have users in both source/target - you want the target users to see more recent content than 180minutes old. Yet - you don't want or need to toggle an aggressive processing interval for all regular user mailboxes.

2 - Switching: Normally the 180min/3hr default is great to respect Exchange & SQL performance and focus sync on other mailboxes that need it. Though when mailboxes are members of a Switch Collection, on a dedicated MAgE Agent only for switching ... 180m/3h makes no sense. Those need to switch ASAP... so should have a different processing interval.

With MAgE's change in logic as of ~2015 introducing the minimum processing intervals - this sort of configuration no longer appears to be possible out of the box. I would prefer not to temporarily toggle a high level option to adjust minimum interval processing for all mailboxes when I only want a couple agents/collections with more aggressive intervals.