SOLUTION - O365 Public Folder Migration using Mage Powershell will not sync mailNickname missing

*************NOTE: This is from my own experience and editing the SQL Database is done at your own RIsk, Quest Support may know of a better solution.**********


  • Migrate Public Folders to O365 Using MMEX PowerShell (8.14 + Hotfix latest Oct 2019)


  • After Successfully Exporting /  Importing Initializing Public Folder sync, After the first initial sync, no further data is synchronized,  Get-MMExPublicFolderStatistics show only initial processing time,
  • If you try and remove the collection to start again, you may notice an error where you cant remove one of the Public folders and complains about missing MigrationManagerForExchange.Shared.Heart.MailboxPropertyIsNotSetException: Property 'mailNickname' and will not remove.
  • You also may notice from the Mage PF Sync Logs the above error "MigrationManagerForExchange.Shared.Heart.MailboxPropertyIsNotSetException: Property 'mailNickname'


  • The PF Folder I noticed was causing the issue was the "root" IPMSUBTREE  (This seemed to be included in the initial export mapping file)
  • To remove this Folder from the collection, go into SQL Management Studio, open your QMMEX O365 Database, under PF_MATCH, edit the table and remove the IPMSUBTREE
  • Once this is done, run through the process again, but this time EDIT the mapping file and remove the \ IPMSubtree folder.

All will then spring into life !!  , So, there seems to be a slight bug, around the export and it including the IPMSUBTREE, 

Hope this helps