Run 2 migration on 2 computers running MNE


I have 2 computers running Migrator for Notes to Exchange (v4.16.0.391).

Is it possible to run a shared mailboxes migration on one computer and run another user mailboxes migration on the other computer at the same time?

I read this in the pre-planning guide but it is not clear to me if we can do what I need:

"Multi-workstation considerations
As noted above, the wizards of Migrator for Notes to Exchange can be run on multiple migration servers running in
parallel. This approach opens several strategic options that you should consider and document in your Migration
Quest Migrator for Notes to Exchange 4.16.0 Pre-Migration Planning Guide
Critical considerations 24
Plan. One simple option for the Data Migration Wizard is simply to assign different user collections to different
migration servers, and define each task to include all necessary admin and migration functions for a collection.
The tasks defined by different wizards require access privileges for different servers—Domino and Active Directory
and Exchange—depending on the scope of their functions. Likewise, different admin operations in the Data
Migration Wizard require different access privileges—for example, admin access to Exchange and AD would not
be necessary to set mail-forwarding rules in Notes, but of course admin access rights in Notes would be required
for that function. You might therefore consider setting up multiple workstations with different access privileges to
different environments, and then define tasks and assign them to various workstations accordingly.
The Set Task Schedule screen in some wizards lets you schedule a task to run on a particular workstation, or to
run on any workstation. This workstation affinity option is offered for tasks created by:
Consider how you might define and distribute various tasks to an array of differently configured migration servers
to maximize the efficiency of your overall process, and then document your strategy in your Migration Plan."

Thanks for your feedback guys.