Quest Migration Manager for Exchange - Agent Host only in one forest?


I am a bit confused about the documentation and requirements instructions for Quest Migration Manager for Exchange 8.15.

Source environment: Exchange 2010 (supported version)

Target environment: Exchange 2016 (supported version)

AD: Only AD Sync between two forests, no two way trust.

I am preparing the installation for the quest software and try to find out how I should install/configure the agents. One time the documents write about the agent host and then we have the agent components (source agent, target agent, ...).

Question: Can I use a standalone agent host server for both forests? Is there any need to install the agent in each forest? As far as I unterstand there is an "agent host" which could install all agent components and can communicate (with the preconfigured service accounts) with the Exchange servers in both forests, is that right? So could I use for one server for the Migration Manager console and agent host for the migration?

I just try to find out if there is an option to install one central "agent host server" instead using one Exchange server of each forest as an agent.