Requirements to Migrate from Lotus Notes to Exchange Online

Looking for a list of hardware/software requirements to migrate Lotus Notes to Exchange Online.

If using the Quest tool to migrate Notes to EXOL,  do I need the setup Exchange servers on-prem and install the Hybrid Config Wizard (HCW) and open all the required firewalls/ports to allow connectivity between On-premises and Office 365? 

I have to present the requirements on Monday with diagrams, etc.  -- your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Getting a late start are we? 

    No, there is no requirement for an on prem, hybrid Exchange server. That would be up to your requirement outside of the migration. 

    Without any of your requirements it would be hard to give you a design. For a straight migration Migrator for Notes to Exchange  on a single server with SQL on the same server will work for a small migration. For a larger migration the SQL server on its own box with one or more migrate console sharing the work. 

    Here is a link to the product documentation